07 Jan

Agencies with a Conscience Attract the Most Inspired Employees

In 2017’s business world, people want the cake and have a need to devour it. We crave the success of a challenging full-time job, but we also want to make a positive impact to the world around us.

To have both often means working beyond the 9 to 5 to get it done. Those late nights and overworked stresses have detrimental effects on both your charitable work and your daily job. This is where socially sound agencies are stepping up and encouraging staff to utilise their professional skills for charitable projects within their working day.

Founders of Men At Work Communications, Adam Mumford and Sean McKeon believe in this strategy and promote it. Men At Work’s Content and Social Media Strategist, Harry Patchett, has taken this agency’s given opportunity to pursue environmental conservation by volunteering with one of Australia’s key movements Take 3 For The Sea. Take 3 For The Sea is an organisation creating a big impact with a simple message; if we were all to take three pieces of litter with us whenever we left the beach, the park, the creek (it doesn’t matter where) then we’d have a unified impact on our environment locally and internationally.

 The power of social media marketing is not news, we know that Facebook has 2 billion monthly users, Instagram has reached the 700 million mark and that the range of other platforms and plug-in applications available makes social media the greatest powerhouse in marketing ever seen.

But when you strip it back, what is it that makes these platforms work?

“The real power of social media comes from the voices of it’s users,” says Harry Patchett.

“The top three of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are platforms where love, anger, inspiration and frustration are shared. This is true for brand sentiment but even more so for the social conscience. We can use traditional demographic marketing techniques mixed with modern interest based targeting to put the most important information in front of people who will react and engage with it. There has never been greater potential for unifying the voices of social media to the causes that count.” Patchett says.

Patchett was inspired to help and supported by Men At Work Communications beyond the daily commute. He has been able to advise Take 3 For The Sea on the setting up of key initiatives and strategies so that objectives, such as educating 300,000 young Australians by 2020, are achieved.

By collaborating with Tim Silverwood, founder of the Take 3 For The Sea, Harry Patchett is involved in a project that inspires him, and the positive take aways are abundant. Men At Work Communications have seen a rise in productivity, a greater connection to client’s that incorporate charitable work in their ethos and a strengthening of in-agency community.

Giving back is always a Win // Win.